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Stone Measurement Result Table
Item Far-infrared emission rate (%) Negative Ion Emission(pcs/cc) HADO value Germanium (ppm) Radium value (μsV) Description
BAKUHAN stone 91 258 48000 - - This stone is widely made use of in China and in Korea as natural stones of special funcions from the ancient times. It wams our body from the core with its far-infrared ray effect.
HADO stone 92 258 126000 - - HADO stone is from the district well-known for its mountains, ravine and lakes, designated as a national park in Korea. It is rich in mineral, high in far-infrared radiation rate, imcomparably rich in HADO value, and can be made use of in various field.
 Radium Ore 92 715 45000 - 0.58 Radium ores contain natural radioactive rare elements, and low-dose radiation hormisis effect is expected. It emits a large amount of negative ions at still status, rich in far-infrared radiation and support a relaxation.
Radi-mix 91.5 3357 - - 6.52 Radimix is developed in a specially licensed manufacturing method, having the same ores as the main materials as natural radioactive rare elements known for a radium hot spring or toron hot spring, which is added effects of far-infrared rays and of negative ions. Special functions of Radimix support our safe and healthy life in varioud fields, improving spa or room environments, improving the quality of water, etc.
Lava stone 83 - 18000 - - Lava stones, rich in mineral, warms the body from inside with its far-infrared ray effect. Abundant negative ions relaxes us.
Coral 88 - - - - Rich in minerals, corals function the same as “Keiso-do (diatom earth)” and are highly ecological materials. Due to its far-infrared ray effects. It keeps our body warm from the core.
Ohdo stone 90 - 28000 - - Ohdo Ore has been highly valued for Ganbanyoku Stone Spa and Sauna in Korea. High function effect of enzymes and far-infrared rays are expected.
Jade 84 76 - - - Well known as power stones, and also treasured as jewelries. Contains abundant minerals, especially magnesium.
Germanium Ore 92 90 - 335-650 Germanium helps facilitate the flow of blood in our body and warm our body inside out with its far-infrared ray emission.
Badgastein Ore - - - - 0.5~0.8 Radium Ore from Bad Gastein, Austria is one of the highest class precious radium ore of the world. Rich in radon gas and negative ions.
White Silica 90 - - - - Pure white beautiful natural stones of white Silica release abundant far-infrared ray.
Rose Silica 90 - - - - Pink-color clean and beautiful silica stones are popular among female customers. Rich in far-infrared rays.
Germa-mix 89.5 1.014 48000 - - Germa-mix is a kind of synthetic ceramic. It helps facilitate the flow of blood in our bodies and warm them from inside. Besides, it is rich in various bio-positive effects of low dose radiation hormisis, far-infrared rays and negative ions.
Specially excellent values are printed red. (ー shows the ones not measured.)
Testing Institutes: Far Infrared Association, Industrial Technology Center of Nagasaki, etc.

Stone Spa Customers' Testimonials

I feel suffocated and my heart starts racing in a sauna. I felt so good, comfortable and warm inside out on a HADO and radium stone spa. I feel so grateful for Stone Spa.

It was quite different from the stone spa where we become very sweaty This product is truly relaxing. I think it will be a habit to come to the Stone Spa. I look forward to the next visit here. 65 yrs. old file

There are so many kind of stones, and I want to try them all! 27 yrs.old Female

I feel dizzy at a regular type Stone Spa, but I could stay here for 90 minutes without trouble. 27yrs.old Male

My body became warm from inside and felt efficient for my backache. I want to come again and see if it works for my health. 57 yrs.old Male

I had a pre-notion that Stone Spa is very hot, but I felt at ease as could adjust the temperature just right and could stay there for longer. 24 yrs.old Female

I enjoyed Stone Spa thoroughly because I was able to adjust the temperature of stones as I liked. I felt so light afterwords. 48 yrs.old Female

I felt the core of my whole body so warm. My blood circulation has improved and the sweat thin and clear, not sticky. It was my first experience to feel so. 32 yrs.old Female

I feel much warmer in Stone Spa than in a regular hot bath, moreover, my shoulder stiffness and neck pain are gone. 52 yrs.old Male

I felt relaxed, totally forgetting my everyday routines. I could even feel meditative in my 1st Stone Spa experience. It's quite different from Sauna. I look forward to my next visit. 43yrs. old Male

I have amazingly consistent constipation and poor circulation, but after Stone Spa, I felt so warm and vowel movement became active. 30 yrs. old

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