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Treatment Stone BedTreatment Stone Bed


Massage bed created by a leading maker of Ganban Hot Stone Spa

Made of bio-positive stones and low resilient visco-elastic memory foam
Heated by PTC heater

Far-infrared rays, negative ions naturally released from the power stones warm a client's body deeply from inside, energize cells and enhance metabolism.
On our treatment stone bed, oils used for a treatment become so pervious thanks to negative ions released from stones. More than 100 kinds of bio-positive stones are available for you to choose.

How does "Treatment Stone Bed" enable the utmost satisfaction of your client?

1st Ganban treatment bed from a top maker of Ganban Stone Spa.


Placed under visco-elastic foam mattress are Ganban (Bio-positive stones). Stones are free to choose from white silica, jade, germanium, Bad Gastein radium, yogan, etc. The natural healing powers of far-infrared rays, negative ions, low dose radiation hormisis from each stone stimulate natural perspiration and detoxification as one normally experiences with Ganbanyoku Stone Spa, thus support your therapy treatment tremendously.

Bio-positive stones transform massage oils

Thanks to bio-positive healing powers of stones, oils for treatment become highly penetrative to the skin. At the same time, the water inside one's body is said to flow and take away waste products more easily. Relieved by the warmth of the stones, a client's body becomes easier to receive benefits of essential oils and other materials for a treatment, which enables a therapist to serve utmost treatments to her client.

Visco-elastic material of "Super Healing Foam" feels like embraced by the soft clouds, and it is as thick as 80mm!

雲に包まれる心地よさの低反発素材「Super Healing Foam」

The foam also holds a body of your client so firmly that you feel secured to give her the best treatment. The surface of the foam is covered with specially woven cloth made of bio-positive fibers and feels so soft like baby's skin.

Characteristics of "Super Healing Foam"
Visco-elastic (Low resilient) foam was originally developed for NASA to cushion astronauts from excessive g-forces during lift off. We created highly comfortable foam mattresses and pillows of our original specification.
Highly elastic and very easy to restore its original form.
Sensitive to your body temperature and pressure.
Naturally aligns your spine and makes you keep a good posture.

Warm stones heated with PTC heater keep your client feel warm and confy during the whole session.

By releasing tensions, a client is likely to feel chilly during a treatment. There is no such worry with this warm treatment bed, however! A therapist can fully concentrate in giving a best treatment. Heat from far-infrared ray emitting PTC heater and far-infrared ray naturally released from stones will warm a client's body slowly and evenly from inside.

Holes made on the surface of visco-elastic foam enable the high breathability.

Highly comfortable to lie on all the year round. Through these holes, also, the healing powers of bio-positive stones reach the surface of the couch easily and help your client heal deeply.

Double healing materials (special ceramics & fibers) ensure the utmost relaxation.


Special ceramics placed elaborately on the foam are made of radium, which is said to enhance various bio-positive responses of a human body. Furthermore, these special ceramics have far-infrared ray and negative ion effects added. A foam is covered with a new specialized textile made of rayon fibers mixed with very fine bio-positive stone powders of germanium and zirconium.

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