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Great Natural Blessings sent from Time ImmemorialHEALING STONE COUCH

Healing Stone Couch

Luxurious Couch with Low Resilient Visco-elastic Foam and
Bio-positive Stones Warmed by PTC Heater
What makes it so comfortable to lie on?

1. Originally developed visco-elastic "Super Healing Foam"

Based on visco-elastic foam, which was originally developed for NASA to cushion astronauts from excessive g-forces during lift-off, we added other features and call it "Super Healing Foam".

Characteristics of "Super Healing Foam"

Highly elastic and very easy to restore its original form.
Sensitive to your body temperature and pressure.
Naturally aligns your spine and makes you keep a good posture while sleeping.
Like embraced, you will feel totally relaxed on this cloud-like comfortable surface of "Super Healing Foam".

Under a seat cushion, GANBAN stones are placed.

2. Bio-positive stones emitting far-infrared rays, negative ions, etc.
Placed under the foam are bio-positive stones of your choice.
White silica stones generate far-infrared rays contribute greatly to your overall health. Thanks to the far-infrared rays, your body is warmed inside out.
You can choose stones from various kinds such as germanium, tourmaline, hadou-seki, bakuhan-seki, jade, etc.

3. PTC heater also emits far-infrared rays
PTC heater emitting far-infrared rays are extremely safe and good for your health.
Because of its self-heating function, it maintains a uniform temperature, thus no need to worry about low-temperature burns or over-heating.


4. Holes on the surface enable the high breathability and keep you away from "sleeping hot".
Holes made on the surface make a foam easier to breethe. Even during the summer, heat will not be retained in the foam, thus will promise you a comfortable sleep all year round. Also, through these holes, it is expected that the energy from biopositive stones flow above and reach the surface of the foam more easily.

Specialized ceramic


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