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Microbubble Jacuzzi Bath

The highest quality Jacuzzi bath loaded with 2 sets of micro bubble generators.

This is a high-quality micro bubble jacuzzi bath, which is a combination of jacuzzi bath from a leading maker of a jet bath; JACUZZI, micro bubble generator with germanium and badgastein finish at the bottom of a bath tub. Extremely fine and smooth bubbles and supersonic waves generated from the bubbles stimulate your skin and provide you massaging and hydrotherapy effects.
The operating sound is so quiet compared with that of a traditional jet bath.
About microbubble function

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Microbubble Jacuzzi Bath SARA 760L


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OptionsBlower ¥500,000 
Apron  ¥105,000~
Underwater lighting ¥178,500
Shipping and installation work is charged seperately.
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