Benefits of Microbubbles

Microbubble bath to generate a large amount of micro bubbles
(diameter as small as 4-12 µm)

Just by turning on a switch, regular bath immediately turns into a "bubble bath" of milk color.With this bubble bath of soft water, you don't need any soap to wash your body. Just by soaking your body in the water, innumerable numbers of micro bubbles containing abundant oxygen cleans you thoroughly. You will become totally refreshed after a bath, with your skin smooth and velvety, feeling warm from inside, and getting rid of a day's fatigue.

※No need to worry about noises from the micro-bubble generating machine as it has passed noise grade tests for hotels, apartment houses, etc.

Your whole body will be smooth and clean just by soaking in a microbubble bath.

Good for beautification of your skin, for the people with sensitive skin or for babies

Micro bubbles get into the pores of the skin and take dirt, waste products and dead skin cells out. Without using any chemical cleansing materials, the water with abundant oxygen will whiten and beautify the skin. Safe and gentle for the sensitive skin, especially of the people suffering from atopic dermatitis.

For elderly people, for caretakers of the elderly.For prevention of strong body odor

Micro bubbles take away odorous substances from the pores. For the elderly or disabled people who have difficulties in washing bodies by themselves, having a soak in a microbubble bath will be the easiest and most comfortable bath experience. It will be also beneficial for those who take care of the elderly or disabled persons as their burden will be less.

For those who suffer from excessive sensitivity to cold temperature.For massage, or for warming your body.

Thanks to micro bubbles full of oxygen, you stay warm from inside for a long time and hardly feel a chill after a bath. Such soft massaging effect of micro bubbles will help the blood flow better.

For sterilization, for cleaning.

While generating micro bubbles, the water becomes weak acid and sterilizing. Free radicals, which generate when micro bubbles break up and disappear, destroy viruses. Since micro bubbles are charged with negative ions, they attract and remove dirt and impure substances.

For fitness

Micro bubble waters support a better flow of the blood and smooth perspiration. They also enhance a metabolism and energize cells in our bodies. Therefore, micro bubble waters are beneficial in improving our constitutions so that it will become easier to lose weight.

For relaxation

You will feel refreshed and grounded in the atmosphere filled with negative ions. Under-water lighting will also contribute to your luxurious relaxation space.

Recommending Microbubble Bath for various field of people

For condomium developers
For rental condomium owners

Efficient for promoting sales of the existing condomiums, or for improving occupancy rate of rental condomiums! No need to worry about noises from the micro-bubble generating machine as it has passed noise grade tests for hotels, apartment houses, etc.

For hotel owners or developers

Microbubble bath will be an appealing amenity for enhancing beauty and relaxation. No need to worry about noise troubles with your neighbors during as you do for a jet bath. Microbubble bath is so quiet.

For house building companies

Microbubble generator needs only a small space to attach every kind of a unit bath. It adds extra value to a bath room and will enhance a value of your providing houses.

For remodeling contractors

A microbubble generator can be added to an existing bath tub. Since its fine microbubbles wash one's body cleanly without soap, a microbubble bath can be one of the most ecological recommendation to your customers.

For every households

Your bath time with a microbubble bath will be enjoyable and relaxing as a spa for your family's health and figure.

For nursing homes

Care workers will not require burdensome nursing care during a bath time as their care recipients (old people, patients, etc.) only need to soak themselves in microbubbles.

■My husband's bad body odor has disappeared thanks to a microbubble bath. My daughter used to reject taking a bath after him, but not any more!
■My child didn't like to take bath because of her atopic dermatitis, but now she enjoys this microbubble bath of the milk color. She doesn't need soap to clean her body in microbubbles, so she doesn't feel itchy like before.

■My hands and feet used to get cold easily because of poor blood circulation, but a microbubble bath solved it completely! quite a few of my friends tell me my complexion is clearer now. I love taking a bath every day!
■Thanks to the white water of microbubbles, our patients don't have to feel embarrassed when they are washed their bodies by us care workers. Both of us feel clean and satisfied as microbubbles take away dirt very easily without soap.
(Female,Age38:Care worker)
■I used to suffer from athlete's foot for many years, but not any more. Is this because of Microbubble's sterilizing effect?

※Benefits of a microbubble bath varies in each person.

What are micro bubbles?

Image of micro bubble effect
A micro bubble is a microscopic bubble whose diameter is as small as 10 μm(1μm=1/1000mm), which is much smaller than that of a hair. Such tiny bubbles go deep down into the pores easily and wash away dirty oils and waste products cleanly. Since micro bubbles themselves have such powerful cleansing qualities, no soaps or no towels which may stimulate the skin are needed. All one has to do to get clean skins is to soak yourself in the micro bubble water. You will see how true it is by finding dirt which come up on the surface of the water.

■Characteristics of micro bubbles

Regular bubbles go up in the water and break at the surface of the water. On the other hand, micro bubbles get smaller (totally melt) in a very short period of time within the water. Also, the surface of micro bubbles are charged with negative ions and attract positive ionized dirt or impurious matters.

■Refresh yourself with negative ions!

Micro bubbles generate supersonic waves during a process of their unification, explosion and division. Such supersonic waves travel in the water and get released into the air in the end, when numerous bubbles release numerous little water drops into the air. Since the surfaces of water drops are charged with negative ions, positive ions in the air get attracted to them and negative ions on the surface of water drops get released to the air. In this way, the air around a bath tub becomes charged with negative ions.

microbubbule bath spec
Rated voltageAC100VRated frequency50/60Hz
Rated power consumption250WStandby power consumptionapprox.1.2W
Rated running time30 minutes(Timer 15minutes)Highest water temperatureRegularly 45°C

Comparison of microbubble size