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Ganban Stone Spa Standard

Floor type healing stone bed made of pure natural materials.
We recommend our Ganban Stone Spa not only as a spa facility for your business but as a relaxation appliance for your home.

Lying on a mildly heated natural stones, you will slowly take in various natural healing powers of far-infrared rays, negative ions, low dose radiation hormisis, etc. from bio-positive stones. In Ganban Stone Spa, you will never feel choking as in a sauna or a hot bath. The people of all ages can enjoy natural treatments which promote health, healing and relaxation. Let yourself indulge in a dream-like moment with Ganban Stone Spa.

Hot Stone Spa

References 'Kaneyoshi Ittouan'

This is a low-temperature dry sauna that takes natural healing energy from bio-positive stone, mainly germanium, radium, Hado, Bakuhan and lava. Just lying on a moderately heated stone bed allows the body to receive the benefits from the far-infrared rays, negative ions and low-dose radiation hormesis given off by these stones. It is widely accepted that Hot Stone Spas give holistic health benefits including improved metabolism, beautification/anti-aging, detoxification and an increased ability to ward off sickness.

For the past decade, Bedrock bathing known as "Ganbanyoku" has become tremendously popular throughout Japan, and many clients visit Ganbanyoku shops regularly to maintain holistic well-being. Over this period, Japanese traditional hotels (ryokan), have also started to offer Ganbanyoku in order to provide their guests with an amenity in addition to Onsen (Hot Spring) bathing. We are a major supplier of Ganbanyoku Hot Stone Spa facilities to these prestigious ryokan.

Spa Components

What is Ganban Hot Stone Spa?

The temperature of a stone bed is usually set
in the range of 1040F-1090F (or 40-430C) and can be adjusted to the client's preference using the controller.

Bio-positive stones

We provide a number of kinds of stone for you to choose from (please see the illustrations below).
All stones are all natural, with a unique visual diversity.

Wood frame

Choose from frames made of Hinoki or Aomori Hiba wood.
Both are anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, beautiful and aromatic.

PTC heater

Our Hot Stone Spa uses an innovative PTC electric heater
with a built-in temperature sensor/regulator, so it is energy efficient and incurs the lowest possible running costs.

Ecological heat insulation

The insulation boards that are placed under the stones are eco-friendly,
made from recycled cedar bark, and have a high insulating ratio.

In order to install a Hot Stone Spa, all you need is one electrical outlet. There is no need for construction, wiring, or plumbing!


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