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Treatment Stone Spa Bakuhan-seki


JPY625,000 (tax in)

shipping charge not included
Please inquire for more details from here.

Dimensions:Length 1800xWidth 660xHeight 630mm
Stone sizeLength 1500xWidth 600mm
Hole size:1140x170mm
Power consumption:(When) rising 20°C 383W
Stable 50°C 237W~321W
Rating:Floor type 100V wall outlet plug-in
Running cost as low as 5 yen/hour
Temperature control:Controller
Cord length:1.5m
Wood frame:Natural Hinoki
Base:Decorated board
Decorated board color sample
Specialized Healing Pillow
(Far-infrared ray emitting/Anti-bacterial finish plastic leather)
トリートメント ストーンスパ Bakuhan-seki *Click to enlarge.
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