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Healing Stone Sofa Sand two-seater

Standard Specification Normal TypeJPY290,000 (tax in)

2-way spec. Stone setting typeJPY580,000 (tax in)

shipping charge not included
Please inquire for more details from here.

Healing Sofa with our original healing specification
[2-way spec. Stone setting type]
You will enjoy HEALING STONE SOFA as a regular sofa, and as a Ganban stone furniture. Normal & Ganban Furniture
Seat Cushion:Binchotan Low Resilient visco-elastic foam / specialized ceramics
Extremely comfortable Sofa characterized by its healing seat cushions
made of low resilient visco elastic materials, bio-positive ceramics and specialized fiber of Chio-clean.
Fabric:You can choose your favorite sofa fabric from a variety of samples. The price may vary according to your choice fabric.
Please inquire for more details.
Color Sample
Color Sample
Stone Set Spec:100V wall socket
Running cost as low as 5 yen/hour
Heater:PTC heater, which is safe, reliable, economical, self temperature limiting and having a virtually unlimited service life, is used.
Standard spec stone:White Silica
White Silica
Bio-positive stones
White Silica is our standard spec stone. You can choose your favorite from a variety of stones.
Please inquire for more details. (Please be noted that the price may vary according to a price of the stone installed.)
Temperature control:Controller
Cord length:1.5m
Healing Stone Sofa*Cushions and pillows are sold separately.


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