Low Resilient,Visco-elastic"Super Healing Foam"

Low Resilient Visco-elastic mattress & pillow created by a leading maker of Ganban Stone Spa

Super Healing FoamFor Good and Sound Natural Sleep

Super Healing Foam
Super Healing Foam;Mattress&Pillow
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Secrets for Comfort

We proudly present you "Super Healing Foam", for which we successfully combined utmost healing materials of Ganban bio-positive stones and specilized low-resilient urethan foam. This is truly a healing bedding benefited by natural healing powers of infrared rays,negative ions,germanium stones, etc. No need to buy a whole new bed. Just by laying our "Super Healing Foam" on your existing bed or futon, you will soon be invited to a deep and meditative sleep.

a testimonial from an anxious sleeper

When I lie on this mattress, I feel like fully embraced. My body never get painful, and I go deep into a full sleep till the morning.

Male, Age52
This testimonial is based on a personal experience.

How is "Super Healing Foam" developed?

We have supplied ryokans, hotels, spas with GANBAN stone spas throughout Japanfor the past years. We have come to wonder if we could create a new and more handy bedding which has the similar healing quality as GANBAN Stone Spas.

It is said that clusters of the waters in our bodies become smaller thanks to the healing energy of biopositive stones of GANBAN Stone Spa, and that our natural healing capacities thus become enhanced. We have heard a large number of our customers say they have had deep, meditative sleeps on Ganban stones.

"Super Healing Foam" is born with our wish to bring the healing quality of Ganban Stone Spa to a more handy and low-cost bedding.

Let yourself feel a comfort and a deep relaxation as if embraced by the light and soft clouds in the sky!

HEALING CO.,LTD will continuously endeavor to provide you "time and space filled with peace and comfort".

Highest quality low resilient material used

What is the low resilient material of "Super Healing Foam"?

Low resilient foam

Holes made on a foam make it highly breathable!

  • Poor breathazility of an existing low resilient material is solved as our foam has a certain number of holes for the air to go through, which enables you to sleep comfortably all the year round.

Far-infrared Radium Ceramics included

  • Specialized radium ceramics tips, natural radioactive elements, are elaborately placed on a foam. Benefits of low dose radiation hormesis, far-infrared rays, negative ions can be expected.
Radium ceramics

Germanium and Chitosan containing biopositive fiber

  • We enclose a foam with a cover made of specialized fibers, for which very fine Germanium and Chitin and Chitosan powders are mixed into rayon. These special fibers retain their unique characteristics semipermantly. Ionized germanium is said to go under our skin, energize a body's electric current and better the blood circulation when a temperature of its touching surface rises above 32°C.
  • Chitin and Chitosan are also very gentle materials to the people with the sensitive skin. they will prevent a spread of bacteria and cut bad odors of sweat, etc.

Binchoutan charcoal and Platinum nano colloid to support relaxation and anti-aging

  • Binchoutan charcoal added in the fibers of a foam cover releases far-infrared rays. It warms your body inside out in the winter, and feels dry because of its heat radiation effect in summer. Binchoutan also absorbs bad ordors of sweat, etc. Negative ions from Binchoutan make you feel so relaxing as in a forest bath.
  • Platinum nano colloid which semipermanently has antioxidant effect are mixed into the basic rayon of the special cover for a foam. active oxygen which is said to affect our body is expected to be excluded.

Super Healing Foam Pillow

Super Healing Foam Pillow

A Healing Pillow for a Natural Sleep -Originally Created by Ganban Stone Spa Manufacturer

Special Cover of Functional Rayon,Germanium x Chitin Chitosan,Binchoutan Charcoal x Platinum Nano Colloid

Commitment to Healing Quality

Double-layered Structure of Special Cover

Cutaway view
  • 1. Outer Cloth
  • Germanium - Carrier of Oxygen

    Germanium, which is a carrier of oxygen, is woven into specialized fibers for the outer cloth.

  • Chitin Chitosan - Antibacterial, Deodorant and Moisture Rich

    Stays always clean thanks to Chitin Chitosan, which is naturally-derived and significantly anti-bacterial.

  • 2. Backing Cloth
  • Binchoutan Charcoal - Rich in Negative ions, Far-infrared rays and Deodorant

    Feels warm in winter thanks to far infrared rays, and dry in summer because of its heat releasing quality. Binchotan is deodorant and releases negative ions.

  • Platinum Nano Colloid - Antioxidant Effect

    Platinum nano colloid is expected to clear away radical oxygens which may affect our health. Its antioxidant effects are consistent.
    ※Since these components are woven into the base fibers of rayon, the above characteristics are stable and hardly come off in spite of repeated cleaning.

  • Relax with Healing Spec! Far infrared ray releasing Radium ceramics & Low resilient urethan chips

    Specialized Radium Ceramics - releasing far infrared rays

    Specialized radium ceramics, mainly made of natural radioactive rare elements with added benefits from far infrared rays and negative ions, are elaborately placed among urethan chips.

  • Low resilient urethan chips

    Highly breathable and dispersing a weight of the head

Center-dimpled pillow  Fitting pillow for a comfortable sleep!

Center-dimpled structure supports good sleep.

Center-dimpled structure
  • Center-dimpled structure

    A dimple in the middle of a pillow comfortably fits your head like an embrace.

  • Moderate height difference for side sleeping

    Side sleeping needs a higher pillow than the one for a sleep on your back.
    However, an extreme difference in height prevents you from a natural roll-over.
    Our pillow with an appropriate height supports your head securely while side sleeping soundly.

  • Supports stable sleeping posture

    Center dimple and moderate bulkiness supports your neck firmly and fits your head gently and perfectly.

We have had quite a number of good words from our customers such as
"This moderate height is just right for side sleeping. My neck won't sink." "The pillow fits my head perfectly!"
"I used to hate pillows, but not any more after using Super Healing Pillow.", etc.

Products and Prices

Super Healing Foam

Super Healing Foam


Super Healing Foam:Mattress
All you need is lay it on your existing bed or futon!
can be folded in 3, portable to carry and easy to store.
SingleW970x L1950x T35mm
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Heater type ¥120,000
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Semi Double sizeW1200x L1950x T35mm
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Heater type ¥130,000
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Double sizew1400x L1950x T35mm
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Heater type ¥140,000
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2 types of mattress; "Normal type" and "Heater tupe"
"Heater type " can be heated by a temperature controlling attachment.
A heated stone healing foam is very soothzing for the elderly or sick people in bed.

Super Healing Foam


Super Healing Foam, Pillow
Size Mwidth450x length650
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Size Lwidth500x length700
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Our super healing pillows, made of low resilient urethan foam, specialized ceramic tips and biopositive fibers, have been created to enhance a sleeping quality on our mattress. Highly elastic and very easy to restore its original form. Sensitive to your body temperature and pressure. Naturally aligns your head and neck. Good for every people including those who don't feel right about their pillows, or for those who feel pains in the neck and shoulders in the morning. No matter how you change your postures during your sleep, our pillows securely support not only your head but your neck and shoulders also and help you go into a meditative good sleep.

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