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YUMEDOKO Lava stone&HADO stone *Click to enlarge.

Stone Low Bed "YUMEDOKO" Lava stone&HADO stone Single


¥1,510,000 (tax in)
shipping charge not included
Please inquire for more details from here.
Width 130xLength 234xHeight 60(FH20)cm
Power Consumption:(When) rising 20°C 686W,
Stable 50°C 425W~575W
Rating:Floor type 100V wall outlet plug-in
Running cost as low as 5 yen/hour
Temperature controller attached
Cord length:1.5m
Bed:Decorated board or Aomori Hiba (high-class solid wood from Aomori,Japan)
Stones:Lava stone&HADO stone
Lava stoneHADO stone
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